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A comprehensive petrophysical survey is a first step to understanding your reservoir and unlocking production potential. Specialized and professional interpretation and processing of reservoir data clarifies what the data means and therefore increases its value.

Petrophysical analysis can transform well log measurements into valuable reservoir properties, including porosity, saturations, permeability, and mineral component volumes. Expert analysis requires a wealth of experience in data handling coupled with state-of-the-art software packages to enable the best possible decision making.  

Technical Papers

Deployment Strategies to Reduce Risk in the Acquisition of Formation Evaluation Data

Author :

Robert Kuchinski, Weatherford

Abstract :

Effective reservoir management requires sound decision making that is based on formation evaluation data acquired during all stages of the life of the well. Without this data, reservoir understanding is compromised, which can impact long-term well productivity. Given the increasing challenges of acquiring data in today's geometrically complex wells, new methods of data acquisition are constantly being developed and refined. This has led to a new area of oilfield innovation called conveyance. This paper is an analysis of the risks associated with the acquisition of formation evaluation data. These risks are generally classified as follows: 1. Nonproductive time due to the inability of logging tools getting to bottom. (bridging) 2. Nonproductive time due to delays associated with making last-minute arrangements for alternative logging methods when bridging problems become too severe. 3. Lost-in-hole charges associated with permanently sticking logging tools due to challenging hole conditions. 4. Unsound decision making throughout the life of the well, because challenging hole conditions made the acquisition of formation evaluation data impossible. The risks outlined above can also be assessed depending upon the data requirements and the conveyance method employed. A new risk assessment will be presented that discusses the risks associated with acquiring the data that provides insight into the six main formation properties required by the industry to understand reservoirs. Several conveyance techniques that assure the acquisition of data will be discussed along with case histories of some of these applications. This paper will serve as a means to understand and assess the risks associated with the acquisition of formation evaluation data. It will also increase awareness of the techniques that exist for acquiring data and ultimately allow for developing the best strategy to acquire formation evaluation data.

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Weatherford IPS has analysts based in multiple locations around the world. Our experienced petrophysicists can give you vital insights into the behavior of your reservoir.

We can collaborate with you on the right decisions before, during, and after the evaluation. Before data acquisition begins, we make recommendations on the optimal tools for your evaluation program. After the data is acquired, we provide analysis on the formation lithology and thickness, effective porosity, estimated permeability, and fluid identification and saturations.

We offer quick-look, qualitative formation evaluation as well as a more complex quantitative analysis of reservoir properties. The in-depth analyses may include deterministic or probabilistic interpretations of log data and single well or multiwell evaluations of reservoir rock. When cores are available, we also provide core calibration to accurately determine lithology, net pay, porosity, water saturations, permeability, and hydrocarbon volume estimates. In addition, we can integrate our petrophysical evaluations with other domains, such as acoustics and imaging.

Our analysts draw from more than 45 years of experience. We offer petrophysical interpretation and evaluation services backed by nearly five decades of delivering accurate and timely information.

This allows them to gain expertise with local geology and assist clients with understanding the local borehole environment. Our analysts draw from more than 45 years of experience.We offer petrophysical interpretation and evaluation services backed by nearly five decades of delivering accurate and timely information.

Our organic shale petrophysics services fully evaluate your unconventional assets using conventional measurements.

Using little more than triple combo logs, we can enhance understanding of your shale gas reservoir. When it is available, we incorporate acoustic data to enhance our analyses. Our final interpretations integrate information from different sources to help you determine petrophysical properties, clay types, and total organic carbon and kerogen. As a result, you can identify favorable extraction points, maximize reservoir contact, and optimize completion designs.

We have the knowledge and experience to help you fully understand your reservoir.

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