Well Integrity Interpretation


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Well integrity management can be a daunting task, especially when working in isolation. Analyzing copious amounts of data and making remediation decisions without assistance only compound the challenge. 

Accurate casing and cement evaluations provide an early warning of well-integrity issues to minimize negative impacts. Analysts with interpretative experience use three-dimensional (3D) visualizations of logging data to identify problem areas that will help dictate remedial strategies. 

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With expert analysis from Weatherford interpretation and evaluation services, you get the wellbore integrity answers you need.

Our experts analyze data from advanced diagnostic tools to accurately identify issues that threaten your wellbore, casing, and cement integrity. Then we deliver answer products that help you to validate the integrity of your well or to plan the most efficient remediation.

Our TVision suite of analysis software produces three-dimensional and cross-sectional views of well data.

Unlike static, hard copies of field data, the 3D presentations offer a unique interface to rotate the casing, view its interior and exterior walls, and  easily identify deformations. The cross-sectional views provide visual indications of casing ovality and irregularities. When these TVision software products are combined with data from the CalView, FluxView and UltraView tools - you recieve an unequaled view of the wellbore. 

For more information on Weatherford’s capabilities to address industry challenges that affect the integrity of your well visit our well integrity management webpage.

Weatherford interpretation and evaluation services provides the well integrity answers you need to identify threats and to make informed decisions on remediation.

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