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Maximizing asset value starts by accurately assessing the production potential of the fields in which you work. Openhole wireline logging services deliver actionable data that helps you determine which reservoirs are worth developing as well as the most effective methods for drilling, completing, stimulating, and producing the wells in each field.

Openhole wireline instruments must be equipped with accurate and precise sensors to gather quality formation evaluation data—including petrophysical evaluation, fluid characterization, and geological mapping—in a wide range of borehole sizes and geometries. 

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Weatherford provides a comprehensive portfolio of subsurface evaluation services—during or after drilling, in real time or in memory mode—with an integrated, efficient approach that maximizes your asset's potential.

Our openhole services feature proprietary systems that provide the superior data you need to increase recoverable reserves. We cover all disciplines in formation evaluation: petrophysics, reservoir evaluation, rock properties, geology, and geophysics. Within those branches are a range of capabilities from unique conveyance methods to versatile acquisition and advanced interpretation.

Our efficient and multipurpose logging solutions eliminate unnecessary drilling, tripping, and no-log wireline costs—saving you significant time and expense.

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Weatherford Assure™ conveyance options work with our proven Compact™ logging tools to obtain a full spectrum of logs, even in complex trajectories.

Assure systems not only mitigate lost-in-hole risks and blind decisions, but also produce data of the highest quality in challenging wellbores.

Weatherford provides efficient, reliable, and comprehensive formation evaluation data and analysis through adaptable conveyance methods and multiple service options that meet your needs and budget.

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