Compact Sonic Tool


Providing accurate acoustic reservoir measurements with industry leading conveyance options


  • Determining secondary porosity and lithology
  • Determining formation mechanical properties
  • Providing gas detection
  • Integrating seismic, time-to-depth corrections
  • Providing a synthetic seismogram (when used with the MPD tool)
  • Providing a cement bond log (CBL)

Features and Benefits

  • Unlike traditional 3- to 5-ft (0.91- to 1.52-m) sonic tools, the Compact™ Sonic Sonde (MSS) uses a single-sided array with depth-derived, cave compensation and tilt correction. This feature, together with a short electronics package, makes the tool unusually short and light.
  • The MSS passes through restrictions as small as 2.5 in. (63 mm), enabling thrudrillpipe logging for increased operational efficiency.
  • The MSS is combinable in a tool string with other Compact tools.

Tool Description

The Weatherford Compact sonic sonde (MSS) measures formation compressional slowness (inverse velocity) at five long spacings with 1- and 2-ft (0.30- and 0.61-m) vertical resolution. In cement bond log (CBL)/variable density log (VDL) mode, the MSS tool records a waveform (normally from the 5-ft [1.52-m] receiver) and up to four first-arrival amplitude logs. The ratio of two amplitude curves defines an attenuation log that is sensitive to cement bond quality.

Data quality is maintained at high levels over a broad range of environmental conditions from a combination of high transmitter output, real-time despiking, and cycle-stretch compensation. Cycle-stretch compensation gives improved accuracy and consistency by adjusting transit times based on information about waveform shapes close to the first arrivals.