Compact Ultrasonic Gas Detector


Providing accurate acoustic gas flow detection in memory or real-time with industry leading conveyance options.


  • Detecting the flow of gas
  • Detecting casing leaks
  • Detecting presence or absence of flow at perforations

Features and Benefits

  • The Compact™ ultrasonic gas detector (MGD) provides high vertical resolution for a clear indication of gas intervals.
  • The MGD uses dual detectors to differentiate between gas and road noise to provide a dynamic measurement for increased operating efficiency.

Tool Description

The Weatherford Compact ultrasonic gas detector (MGD) responds to high-frequency acoustic energy associated with the flow of gas into a well. A sophisticated signal-processing scheme amplifies the gas signal and diminishes noise associated with the movement of the tool and logging cable.

The tool uses two ultrasonic detectors separated by 30.5 in. (0.8 m). Processed acoustic logs are depth-aligned and displayed on opposing scales, causing curve convergence and/or crossover opposite the gas inflow. Residual deflections associated with road noise are typically time-synchronous and, therefore, appear to be separated by the transducer spacing on the depthaligned log. High- and low-gain versions of each curve enable the display to be optimized without risking signal saturation.

Gas flow is confirmed by an associated drop in borehole temperature, which is measured by the high-resolution borehole temperature (MHT) sub that can be run in combination with the MGD.