High-Resolution Borehole-Compensated Sonic Tool


Providing accurate acoustic reservoir measurements in a comprehensive industry specification


  • Determining secondary porosity and lithology
  • Providing formation mechanical properties
  • Providing fracture detection
  • Providing gas detection
  • Integrating seismic time-to-depth corrections
  • Providing a synthetic seismogram (when used with the density tool)
  • Providing a cement bond log (CBL) and variable-density log (VDL)

Features and Benefits

  • The high-resolution borehole-compensated (HBC) sonic tool provides robust measurement of compressional slowness for confident decision making about reservoir properties and well completions.
  • The proprietary transmitter and receiver design plus full waveform recording obtains high-quality data in a broad range of environmental conditions.
  • The HBC tool is fully combinable with other logging tools for improved operational efficiency.

Tool Description

The Weatherford HBC sonic tool measures formation acoustic velocity to provide enhanced information about formation porosity and lithology. The HBC sonic tool measures the time a pulsed acoustic wave takes to travel a fixed distance along the length of a borehole. The resulting interval transit time (Δt) is presented or can be converted to porosity using several transform types.

The HBC sonic tool incorporates an additional pair of acoustic receivers, spaced at 4 in. (102 mm), in the center of the tool. The resulting 4-in. compensated travel time provides a high-resolution porosity measurement.

Because the HBC sonic is typically unaffected by secondary porosity, its measurements—in combination with measurements from density and neutron tools—provide enhanced porosity analyses.

Compensation for environmental effects is accomplished by using two pairs of transmitters and receivers. The transmitter and receiver pairs are arranged geometrically so the effects of hole rugosity, tool eccentralization, and traveltime through drilling fluid are cancelled out.