RES Evaluation Probe


The Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) Evaluation Probe is a fifth-generation formation tester incorporating dual flowline technology, dual quartz gauges, and multiple pad options


  • Collecting critical reservoir data in a variety of conditions
  • Providing controllable test volumes and rates for low- and high-permeability formations

Features and Benefits

  • Recyclable 60-cc pretest chamber eliminates the need for tool retraction and enables additional testing.
  • Using a purge-to-unplug function, the pretest chamber clears out blockages caused by unconsolidated sands—with no need to unseat the tool.
  • Industry-low 54-cc flowline storage volume reduces tool storage effects on data analysis.
  • Surface-controlled setting force facilitates optimal pad settings in both hard and soft formations and greatly increases the likelihood of a successful test in poor hole conditions.
  • Fully articulated probe enhances sealing in poor holes or washouts for increased flexibility when choosing test points, especially in wells with small zone selections
  • The probe can be deployed with no additional hardware in holes ranging from 5-1/2 to 14-1/2 in.
  • A wide range of pad options enables users to adjust and change out pads to match the environment.

Tool Description

The RES evaluation probe (REP) is the slimmest advanced formation tester available. The 4 1/2-in. tool can be run in holes from 5-1/2 to 14-1/2 in. with no need for additional hardware.

The articulated probe pad system can articulate radially, horizontally, and vertically. Pad force can be adjusted from the surface to create an effective formation seal. The tool has a wide range of pad options, from a standard large diameter pad with a 1-in. inlet diameter to a vertically optimized pad for situations that require an increased flow area. An industry-low 54-cc flowline storage volume reduces the effects of tool storage on data analysis to give more reliable pressure measurements.

The REP includes a large, 60-cc pretest chamber for which the fill volume and rate can be customized from 0.05 cc/sec to 5 cc/sec. This pretest chamber can be recycled without retracting the tool, which enables blockages caused by unconsolidated sands to be cleared and facilitates additional testing, if required.

The REP has two externally mounted quartz gauges, housed in a protective pocket, that enable rapid thermal equalization with the wellbore environment. located at exactly the same depth relative to the probe, the dual gauges provide reliable backup.

The REP is part of the Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) family of tools.

The single-probe RES module with articulated pads can perform multiple pretests with full surface control.