RES Fluid Analysis Tool


Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) Fluid Analysis Tool characterizes formation fluids in the visible and near-infrared ranges to enable real-time interpretation


  • Qualitative analysis and identification of primary reservoir fluids (oil, water, and supercritical natural gas)
  • Real-time reservoir fluid interpretation, including contamination profiling and multiphase flow analysis (when used in combination with the RES fluid measurement tool)

Features and Benefits

  • Enables fluid-contamination profiling during sampling operations with a 20-channel spanning visible and near-infrared wavelengths
  • Compensates for thermal- and source-light degradation and provides consistent measurements over time using real-time referencing
  • Provides an unambiguous indication of fluid transitioning below the bubblepoint via two refractive-index-based, gas-breakout sensors that provide a direct indication of gas bubbles in the flowline

Tool Description

The RES fluid analysis (RFA) tool uses a photometric analyzer with 20 measurement channels to characterize formation fluids in the visible and nearinfrared wavelength ranges. The system includes real-time referencing that minimizes the effects of thermal variation, which improves the reproducibility of spectral data. The RFA also includes a refractive-index-based gas breakout sensor that identifies gas bubbles in the flowline when the pumping pressure drops below the bubblepoint or dewpoint.

During the sample-cleanup process, the system monitors the optical spectra to help operators make effective sampling decisions, particularly with oil-based mud systems.

The RFA is part of the Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) family of tools. When combined with the RES fluid measurement tool, the RFA enables real-time reservoir fluid interpretation.

The RFA tool uses a 20-channel photometric analyzer and two refractive-index-based gas-breakout sensors to provide broad, reliable reservoir-fluid data.