RES Measured Pump


The Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) Measured Pump pumps reservoir fluids at constant and precise rates using advanced hydraulics and continuous pump-position measurements


  • Critical reservoir data collection in a variety of conditions
  • High-rate sampling for mini-DST testing and large perforated cased-hole intervals
  • Low-rate sampling for maintaining reservoir fluid properties, flowing highly viscous heavy oils, performing minifracs, and testing formations with drawdown-dependent sand production

Features and Benefits

  • Connects and pumps from a single or dual flowlines
  • Can be used in multiple applications because of selectable flow rates
  • Monitors sample pressures and monitors the effectiveness of pumping operations
  • Samples at very low formation pressures and provides positive valve closure for highly compressible fluids
  • Provides accurate flow and continuous position measurements
  • Includes intake and exhaust capabilities from each flow bus and the wellbore
  • Enables running tandem pumps to increase total pump flow rate to 1 gal/min (3.8 L/min) for specialized applications
  • Improves data analysis with accurate pumped volumes and rates
  • Reduces sample clean-up time in formations for which bubble point is not a concern

Tool Description

The RES measured pump (RMP) uses a combination of advanced hydraulics and continuous position measurements to pump reservoir fluid accurately. With selectable flow rates from 0.05 to 0.6 gal/min (0.19 to 2.27 L/min), the pump supports both high and low flow-rate sampling. Two pump-out modules can be stacked and run simultaneously.

The RMP includes a discharge pressure gauge, which captures the shut-in pressure for samples and monitors the effectiveness of pumping operations. Hydraulically activated check valves enable sampling at very low formation pressures and positive valve closure for highly compressible fluids. The standard pump configuration features injection and drawdown pressure limits of 5,000 psi (3.44 MPa).

The RMP is part of the Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) family of tools.