RES Packer Section


The Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) Packer Section provides reliable packer setting for reservoir sampling and testing in cased-hole or openhole environments


Reservoir and sample testing in cased-hole and openhole wells as well as in fractured or low-permeability reservoirs

Features and Benefits

  • The RPS can be run with either compression or inflatable packers in both openhole and cased-hole environments.
  • The combinations of packer options allow RPS testing in a variety of conditions and applications.
  • Surface control of compression packer settings enables users to adjust packersetting pressure as needed for successful setting in poor hole conditions and in both hard and soft formations.
  • Variable compression packer spacing allows users to customize packers to match perforations or zones of interest within reservoirs.
  • A high-strength mandrel enables the tool to perform reliably under the most extreme pressures.
  • Externally mounted Quartzdyne gauges enable rapid thermal equalization with the wellbore environment for accurate readings.
  • The ability to run in a wide range of hole sizes makes it easier to obtain formation seals in areas that have poor hole conditions or washouts.

Tool Description

The Weatherford RES packer section (RPS) includes two different packer systems—a compression packer system and an inflation packer system—for use in cased-hole or openhole environments. The RPS can be customized for specific areas of interest within a reservoir. The variety of packer-combination options enables reservoir sampling and testing in diverse conditions and applications. The RPS is well suited for use in fractured or low-permeability reservoirs, or for cased-hole testing.

The compression packer system reduces cost in cased-hole development applications. The variable-length mandrel system spans zones as small as 1.64 ft (0.5 m). The packers can be spaced from 1.64 to 16.4 ft (0.5 to 5 m) apart, which enables operators to match perforations to key areas of interest in reservoirs. The compression packers are suited for 5.5- to 9.625-in. casings and for open holes in which the caliper measurement is between 6 and 9 in.

The inflatable packers use a high-strength mandrel with fixed spacing of 3.28 ft (1 m) for packer elements that cover hole sizes from 5.75 to 14 in. Externally mounted dual Quartzdyne gauges enable rapid thermal equalization with the wellbore environment and provide true gauge backup.

The RPS is part of the Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) family of tools. The RPS and the RES evaluation probe use quartz gauges of the same make and model, and are located at the same depth offset with respect to the inlet.

Dual packer section of the RES family of tools allows flexible spacing from 0.5 to 5.0 meters.