RES Sample Bottle


The Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) Sample Bottle collects consistent reservoir fluid samples to provide an early indicator of well production


Collects reservoir fluid samples in a variety of downhole conditions

Features and Benefits

  • Larger sample bottle made of highly corrosion-resistant Mp35n composition and with low hydrogen-sulfide (H2S) absorption
  • Nitrogen compensation, which helps the collected samples maintain phase during recovery
  • Enables the collection of high-quality, representative formation fluid samples for pressure, volume, and temperature analysis
  • Improves the accuracy of H2S composition measurements because of minimal H2S absorption
  • Meets DOT SP 14763 standards, which enables samples to be transported in the original containers and reduces the risk of contamination

Tool Description

The RES sample bottle (RSB) collects reservoir fluid samples for laboratory analysis. Because collected fluid samples provide the first look at well production, stability and accuracy of samples are critical. The RSB securely collects and holds the fluid to help ensure that the fluid analyzed in the lab is identical to the fluid collected at the well. This process eliminates the need for a wellsite transfer.

The bottle is made of Mp35n, a corrosion-resistant material and one of the lowest H2S-absorbing alloys available. Each bottle includes an agitator piston that can be heated to return a sample to its original reservoir conditions for laboratory analysis. The bottle can be configured at the well site as a 500-cc nitrogen-compensated sample bottle or as a 700-cc nonflash bottle.


The RSB is part of the Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) family of tools.