RES Sample Carrier


Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) Sample Carrier collects representative reservoir samples in a variety of conditions


Collecting high-quality reservoir sample in a variety of conditions

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces run time by enabling single or multiple-zone sampling and an option to fill multiple bottles simultaneously
  • Offers system expansion of up to 16 bottles per run, which can provide significant time savings by allowing multiple-zone sampling and reducing the total number of runs required
  • Collects high-quality samples with less induced contamination by using a uniform 6-cc dead volume per bottle
  • Minimizes contamination with integrated exhaust port valves, which allows the pumped fluids past the bottle ports and flushes mud out of the flow lines
  • Provides consistency between samples and allows for a true lab comparison

Tool Description

The RES sample carrier (RSC) houses four RES sample bottles. Up to four RES carriers can be stacked and run together to collect up to 16 samples per run. After the run, the sample bottles can be removed and sent to the lab for analysis without the need for a wellsite transfer.

All bottles are uniform with a 6-cc sample dead volume, which minimizes induced contamination and improves consistency. Each bottle has an integrated exhaust port with an electrohydraulic valve, which facilitates simultaneous bottle-filling and programmable shut-in pressures.

The RSC is part of the Reservoir Evaluation System (RES) family of tools.