Compact Borehole Geometry Tool


Providing accurate borehole geometry detail with industry leading conveyance options


  • Determining borehole geometry
  • Obtaining directional information
  • Determining borehole volume
  • Determining cement volume
  • Determining true vertical depth (TVD)

Features and Benefits

  • The small diameter of the CBG tool enables efficient deployment in a wide range of boreholes.
  • The CBG tool can be run in real-time or memory mode.
  • The CBG tool is fully combinable with other Compact tools.
  • The CBG tool can be run with all Compact conveyance options.

Tool Description

The Weatherford Compact™ borehole geometry (CBG) tool is an eight-arm caliper tool that provides six independent caliper measurements, as well as the tool azimuth, deviation, and relative bearing for a precise borehole geometry measurement in open hole.

The eight-caliper arms are positioned in two planes. The upper four arms are cross-linked, which helps to centralize the tool and provides two diameter measurements. The lower four arms are independently articulated and provide four independent radii measurements. The integrated orientation package enables the precise borehole geometry measurement in open hole.


An optional memory sub can be run with the CBG tool for Compact memory logging or for data assurance when run on wireline.