Compact Borehole Navigation Tool


Providing borehole navigation detail and precision with industry leading conveyance options.


  • Determining borehole trajectory
  • Determining total vertical depth
  • Applying speed corrections to formation evaluation data

Features and Benefits

  • Robust three-axis magnetometers and accelerometers provide precise and reliable tool-string orientation measurements, even in extreme borehole and logging conditions.

Tool Description

The Weatherford Compact™ borehole navigation (MBN) tool measures orthogonal components of the earth’s magnetic and gravitational fields along a wellbore. These measurements are used to compute instantaneous tilt and azimuth of a tool string, enabling derivation of the well trajectory below the casing shoe. Results are presented as a table of measured depths (MD) and true vertical depths (TVD), supported by a polar plot and vertical section plots showing north-south and east-west projections.

When the Z-axis accelerometer is sampled at a higher rate, instantaneous speed of the tool string can be determined. When the MBN tool is run as part of a Compact memory logging (CML) service, the information can be used to finetune and correct any irregular tool movements.

MBN data is also used to confirm the rotational position of other tools in a measurement string; for example, when auxiliary equipment, such as a downward-pointing density shoe, is used to achieve a particular orientation in a horizontal well.