Advanced Formation Density (AFD) Tool


Providing industry-leading logging speed, high-quality compensated bulk density, and lithology determination


  • Formation bulk density determination
  • Formation lithology identification
  • Gas detection
  • Hydrocarbon density determination
  • Overburden pressure determination

Features and Benefits

  • The advanced formation density (AFD) tool offers simplified and improved response characterization with increased efficiency.
  • The tool measures density response in a single window for reduction of Pe effects.
  • In rugose holes, the AFD tool provides advanced borehole corrections for greater accuracy of the log data.
  • The AFD sensors measure pad offset and pad tilt, which provides proof of pad contact with the borehole wall that aids in quality checks of the data.
  • The short tool enables industry-leading logging speeds for rig time and cost savings.

Tool Description

The Weatherford AFD tool provides high-quality formation bulk density and photoelectric absorption index (Pe) to determine lithology and porosity.

Like the spectral Pe density (SPeD) tool, the AFD tool uses long- and shortspaced detectors along with a Cs137 source for the calculations. However, with its improved magnetic shielding, flasking, electronics, and pad contact, the AFD tool has achieved an increased logging speed of 60 ft/min (18 m/min), reliability improvements, and better borehole correction in rugose hole conditions.