Compact Array Induction Tool


Accurate formation resistivity regardless of wellbore geometry


  • Determining formation conductivity
  • Determining water saturation (Sw)
  • Providing well-to-well correlation
  • Identifying moveable fluids
  • Identifying fluid contacts
  • Creating an invasion profile
  • Providing thin-bed analysis

Features and Benefits

  • The enhanced vertical resolution and radial profiling improve accuracy in Rt determination, resulting in more accurate reserve estimates.
  • The unique profile of the tool facilitates flexible deployment, in wireline or memory mode, to mitigate the risk of bridging events and reduce nonproductive time.

Tool Description

The Weatherford Compact™ array induction (MAI) tool acquires and records data that can be used to determine true formation resistivity (Rt) in openhole environments. The MAI tool provides raw data from multiple subarrays, which are integrated vertically and radially with environment-dependent processing to produce five depths of investigation over a broad range of borehole environments.

When the MAI tool is run with a high vertical-resolution-proximity device, such as the shallow-focused electric (MFE) tool—a mandrel-type tool—or with the flushed-zone resistivity (MMR) tool—a standard pad-type tool—the advanced processing includes true formation resistivity and enhances vertical resolution to 4 in. (10.00 cm).