Compact Dual Neutron Tool


Providing accurate compensated porosity reservoir measurements using industry-leading conveyance options


  • Determining porosity and lithology in openhole and cased-hole environments
  • Gas identification (with density porosity)
  • Defining shale volume
  • Providing input for water-saturation calculations
  • Enabling detailed well-to-well correlation
  • Delineating the reservoir

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers excellent porosity sensitivity using advances in modeling and detector technology
  • Enables flexible deployment options because of the small tool diameter
  • Provides service in air- and mud-filled environments

Tool Description

The Weatherford Compact™ dual neutron (MDN) tool provides a boreholecompensated porosity measurement. With a complete set of environmental corrections applied automatically during data acquisition, the MDN tool is fully characterized for air- and mud-filled environments in both openhole and casedhole wells.

The MDN tool minimizes sensitivity to environmental effects across its broad operating range. The MDN tool delivers high-accuracy data recorded simultaneously in apparent limestone, sandstone, and dolomite porosity units with smaller borehole size corrections than conventionally sized tools.

Proprietary precision-enhanced neutron (PEN) processing is available. It improves statistical repeatability, logging speed, and the vertical resolution of the log.

The MDN tool typically runs with a V-bow spring, which forces the tool against the borehole wall for maximum sensitivity. In oval boreholes, this double-spring eccentralizer aligns the photodensity (MPD) tool―normally placed below the MDN tool―along the short axis. Other ancillaries, such as the Compact V Caliper (MVC) tool, are available to ensure the highest quality neutron and density data across a complete range of environments and applications.