NMRT Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Tool


Accurate formation and fluid properties for the most demanding rigorous petrophysical applications


  • Increasing reserves by identifying pay in laminated, low-contrast, low-resistivity formations
  • Identifying moveable hydrocarbons previously masked by highly irreducible water saturations and improper formation models
  • Optimizing well production by improving reservoir models and eliminating water production
  • Accurately determining hydrocarbon pore volumes for improved reserve calculation

Features and Benefits

  • Total porosity mode includes burst echo sequence.
  • The directional antenna on the sonde improves small pore detection and maximizes the formation signal.

Tool Description

The Weatherford nuclear magnetic resonance tool (NMRT) directly quantifies the concentration of hydrogen nuclei present in formation fluids, which provides a measure of the total fluid-filled porosity. The measurement is independent of any lithological or mineralogical effects.

Using the same scientific principles as medical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), NMRT technology helps to identify low-contrast, low-resistivity pay zones; determines the amount of free versus bound fluid in the formation; provides a qualitative measure of the pore size distribution; and determines the fluid type.

The NMRT can also aid in the development of more accurate reservoir models by providing such factors as formation permeability and hydrocarbon viscosity.