Spectral Pe Density Tool


Hiqh-quality compensated bulk density and lithology determination for the most demanding petrophysical applications


  • Determines porosity, lithology, and bulk density
  • Identifies formation gas, formation lithology, formation boundaries, shale volume, and mineral properties, including heavy minerals
  • Provides input to advanced formation evaluation programs, seismic programs, water-saturation calculations, and determination of mechanical properties of rock
  • Provides detailed well-to-well correlation and reservoir delineation
  • When used in combination with other services, detects gas
  • Aids in clay typing

Features and Benefits

  • The spectral Pe density (SPeD) tool is a dual-detector formation density tool with a hydraulically activated caliper to provide effective borehole contact.
  • A Cs137 source provides the gamma ray energy.
  • The SPeD tool uses long- and short-spaced detector data to derive values for formation Pe.
  • The tool provides high-quality compensated bulk density measurements, measurement redundancy, and increased quality control.

Tool Description

The Weatherford SPeD tool measures formation bulk density, photoelectric absorption index (Pe), and porosity in a wide range of formation types. The SPeD tool is typically run with the universal gamma ray tool (UGR), compensated neutron tool (CNT), and resistivity services to provide triple-combo logging capability. This stack also can be combined with other tools for further flexibility.