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Slimline Heli Long Line

To help maximize the value of your exploration-mining program budgets, you need the most advanced and reliable products to ensure you can answer the needs of investors, planners, engineers, designers, and managers.

Geological and geophysical data gathered from exploration and development boreholes are used as the basis for minerals, resource, and reserve evaluations, as well as mine planning and design. This information is also vital in the investment cycle of any mine or prospect. To allow geologists and geophysicists to report with confidence and enable investors to make informed decisions, the data gathered must be robust, reliable, and complete.

Slimline Wireline Services

For more than 40 years, Weatherford slimline logging services has grown significantly as a minerals logging company. However, it also has a long history of logging unconventional oil and gas wells.

The logging equipment is compact, light, versatile, and capable of operation by a single person. It can be used in relatively shallow boreholes with diameters ranging from 2.36 in. (60 mm) to 10 in. (254 mm), but it can also be used to log boreholes with larger diameters.

Slimline logging services has established bases in Australasia, USA, Mongolia, Canada, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa, which allows us to offer economical and practical solutions to explorers working around the world. The size and the robustness of our equipment allows it to be easily mobilized to the most remote locations.


Slimline logging is part of Weatherford wireline services, which provides a breadth of oilfield services with worldwide client support.

Our slimline logging equipment has been developed to the same exacting standards required for oilfield wireline logging, and we can satisfy service requirements wherever the minerals prospects are discovered. Similarly, our processing and presentation standards for minerals applications meet the same demanding requirements expected by our oil and gas clients. When logging a hole at a remote site, we immediately upload the data to our unique, secure Preview website. Preview allows our clients to download and manage their data from anywhere in the world while the hole is being logged.

Slimline truck and guy

The Weatherford Slimline Plus acquisition system enables real-time, advanced data processing of raw log data, which helps ensure accurate and repeatable results from every borehole.

The same advanced processing developed for the oil and gas industry has been applied to and characterized specifically for mineral-logging requirements.

Weatherford slimline logging offers high-quality data acquisition and analysis that meets your needs and budget. Slimline equipment is compact, robust, and purpose-designed for use in the minerals industry. With more than 40 years’ experience serving mining explorers and developers, slimline logging has almost unlimited flexibility in logging-unit design for deployment in most every conceivable circumstance.


  • Rock mass physical properties (geology and mineralisation)
  • Borehole parameters
  • Lithological parameters
  • Structure analysis (fractures, faults, stress)
  • Hydrology (temperature, fluid flows)
  • Rock Mass stability (geotechnical analysis)
  • Seismic calibration (calibrated sonic logs)