Slimline Focused Electric Tool


Provides high vertical-resolution dual lateralog data from ultraslim holes


  • Determining formation resistivity in conductive mud environments
  • Determining water saturation
  • Providing well-to-well correlation
  • Determining coal rank
  • Identifying fracture zones and alterations


  • Like all other Slimline equipment, the SFE tool is designed for logging without a rig, which eliminates use of expensive rig time.
  • Full compensation for environmental effects such as borehole diameter, mud resistivity (Rm), mud cake, and tool position within the hole provides consistent results across a range of environments.
  • The standard inclusion of a natural gamma detector enables ease of correlation with other logs for reliable interpretations.
  • The fully calibrated and characterized resistivity measurements enable the determination of coal rank, which increases the information available to geologists who define the resources.

Tool Description

The Weatherford Slimline focused electric (SFE) tool is an ultraslim dual-laterolog that determines resistivity in small-diameter boreholes containing conductive fluids. Changes in the resistivity of the formation rocks can indicate the presence of mineralization, including clays, oxides, and sulphides.

The SFE tool provides individually optimized deep- and shallow-focused resistivity curves, each with 4-in. (10-cm) vertical resolution. The deep and shallow curves are standardized for a 4-in. (10-cm) diameter well, in which the ratio of apparent resistivity to mud resistivity is 20. The tool also provides superb vertical resolution to delineate interbedding and to identify intruded and burnt coal seams.

The SFE tool can be run as a spontaneous potential log on the way into the hole and can be logged as a dual-focused resistivity tool while being pulled out of hole.