Slimline Optical Televiewer


Providing the highest vertical-resolution borehole data for structural analysis for slim holes.


  • Advanced structural analysis
  • Identification of faults
  • Assessment of breakout and formation stress regimes
  • Detailed bedding plane delineation
  • Orientation of core
  • Borehole deviation

Features and Benefits

  • Can be run without a rig, which eliminates the cost of expensive rig time
  • Provides a virtual core, reducing the need for expensive core drilling in geotechnical applications
  • Enables orienting core from the acoustic image, which adds significant value to the coring process and increases trust in the combined physical and geophysical measurements
  • Provides the highest vertical resolution available, enabling detailed bedding plane delineation

Tool Description

The Slimline optical televiewer (OTV) provides an oriented optical image of the borehole wall in clear-water or air-filled holes. Fractures, cleats, and other features can be clearly identified in the full-color image of the borehole wall.

A CCD camera in the OTV generates a continuous, oriented, 360° image of the borehole wall. The image can be displayed in three dimensions as a virtual core. More often the images from this tool are displayed and analyzed as an oriented, “unwrapped” picture of the borehole wall.

The vertical resolution of OTV images is less than 1 cm. Therefore, this Slimline tool enables a detailed analysis of the lithology, the structure, and the stress regime in the formation.

Advanced image processing allows orientation of the image to high side, which enables orientation within pipe or through magnetic anomalies in the open hole.