Wireline Surface Equipment


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Safe and efficient wireline logging operations demand reliable surface equipment for optimal wireline measurements and intervention, faster well completion, and reduced costs. 

Reliable wireline surface equipment includes wireline logging units that can log wells in diverse environments and applications, pressure-control equipment that provides a safe and vital surface barrier during wireline operations, and data-acquisition systems that deliver dependable wellbore information.  

Wireline Surface Equipment Truck at jobsite

Weatherford has an extensive fleet of wireline surface equipment for land and offshore use, for openhole and cased-hole applications, around the world.

When we design wireline surface equipment, we consider geographical location, regulatory requirements, environmental conditions, and operational demands. As a result, we can respond effectively to unique specifications of end users. Whether you need to install lightweight surface equipment using a helicopter or you need to deploy surface equipment in the world’s coldest climates, we have a solution for your needs.

Decades of continuous design improvement have gone into the development of our wireline surface equipment.

Our high-quality logging units, pressure-control equipment, and data-acquisition systems are consistent in overall design and components yet flexible enough to adapt to specific user requirements. This reduces the need for personnel training and enhances operational efficiency and safety at your wellsite. And by supporting both openhole and cased-hole applications, our wireline surface equipment decreases the amount of equipment required on-site to conserve valuable rig space.

Weatherford offers a comprehensive fleet of onshore and offshore wireline surface equipment that can be adapted to suit client specifications.

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