Automation and Control


Automation and Control Pumpjack

Faced with growing global demand for oil and gas coupled with rising production costs, operators need optimization systems that go beyond the wellhead.

Automation and control systems regulate wells and facilities, analyze production, and proactively address potential issues. The systems include software, sensors, and intelligent wellsite controllers for each component in the field. The host software resides on a central server and collects real-time data from sensors and equipment in the field. This enables intelligent controllers to optimize production in real time, whether in naturally flowing wells or wells that use any given artificial-lift type.

Automation and Control Software

Weatherford provides turnkey solutions that measure, monitor, and automate naturally flowing wells, artificially lifted wells, and facility equipment.

Our portfolio includes advanced hardware, software, communication systems, consulting, installation, local servicing, and training for any producing oil and gas asset in any stage of production, both onshore and offshore. We combine intelligent hardware and insightful software to create a customized solution for each individual well in the field. This allows each to operate efficiently, which can reduce operating costs and increase production.

We offer complete automation and control solutions by combining software, sensors, communication, and controllers for flowing, reciprocating rod lift (RRL), progressing cavity pumps (PCP), electric submersible pumps (ESP), gas lift (GL), and plunger lift (PL).

Our automation solutions are suited for any oilfield application and applied by our global team of experienced technicians. We also provide solutions for facilities monitoring, emergency shutdown (ESD), water injection, salt-water disposal (SWD), transfer pump control, and other automation needs. Weatherford automation projects include reliable controllers and software with built-in algorithms that are a result of decades of knowledge and experience.

Automation and Control Tech

The Weatherford MotorWise® AC power synchronizer manages the power delivered to your pumping unit electric motors in real time.

It ensures that precisely the right amount of electricity powers your pumping system throughout each stroke cycle. The synchronizer saves a small amount of power—often a fraction of a kilowatt on each stroke―that adds up over time to reduce your electric bill by up to 25 percent without affecting pumping performance.

The Weatherford WellPilot® deliquification system (DLQ) delivers remote, real-time control and optimization for one or multiple wells. It continuously monitors well performance and automatically makes control adjustments. The DLQ provides real-time critical measurements, optimization, and control at the wellhead, meter, or production facility.

The WellPilot DLQ meets your communication, data-storage, monitoring and measurement needs. It can be adapted to a range of production configurations and optimization techniques, including simple gas/liquid measurement, plunger lift control, and gas lift control. Using a low-power, high-performance central processing unit and exclusive Weatherford optimization algorithms, the DLQ manages operations on up to 16 meters. As your production needs grow, you can simply add input/output (I/O) expansion modules that expand your capabilities and enhance your control.

We reduce the three fundamental costs in operating wells—electrical, workover, and chemical. Using the combination of Weatherford sensors, intelligent wellsite controllers, and software solutions, our production automation and optimization control solutions ensure that each well operates efficiently. These solutions can reduce downtime for wells and compressors, increase operational efficiency, and boost production.

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