Capillary Injection Systems


Capillary Injection Systems cap injection head

Capillary injection systems offer artificial-lift efficiency because of their low initial capital expense, reduced operating costs, and fast installation speeds.

These systems deliver chemicals directly to the perforations when treating issues, including liquid loading and solids deposition. Capillary systems have a lower capital expense, require less maintenance, and are more efficient and cost-effective than many other artificial-lift methods.

Capillary Injection Systems Tubing Anchor Cover

Weatherford capillary injection systems help maximize production and reduce lifting costs by precisely and safely placing our proprietary Engineered Chemistry® solutions.  

Used in conjunction with the capillary string, our unique capillary-injection tubing anchor enables you to precisely target and quickly treat paraffin, corrosion, and scale buildup in your tubulars.

Our Engineered Chemistry group is a leading developer of specialized chemicals for the oil and gas industry and can customize solutions for your specific treatment needs.

Our unique capillary-injection tubing anchor enables injection below rod-pump tubing anchors. We equip every capillary string unit with a hydraulically controlled blowout preventer instead of a conventional, single-element packoff.

Capillary Injection Systems isolated

Our exclusive technologies and services are designed from the ground up to help extend gas wells with perforated intervals onshore, offshore, and across the globe.

They combine the best attributes of flow-area reduction and foam-lift assistance. Our technologies reduce the surface tension and density of produced water, which decreases  the critical velocity of your well and improves production rates.

Weatherford capillary injection systems help you maximize production, ensure safety for your workers, meet your ecological responsibilities, and protect your investment.

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