Semi-Elliptical Rod


Uniquely shaped rod product designed to optimize RRL applications



  • Reciprocating-rod-lift applications, specifically light crude, cold heavy oil production with sand (CHOPS), cyclic steam, steam flood, and steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) wells

Features and Benefits 

  • The elliptical body design further reduces contact loading between the rod and tubing, resulting in less localized wear and part replacements.
  • The ribbon-like shape of the rod promotes predictable bending along one plane, eliminating rod damage caused by a coiling or springing effect.
  • The formed, semi-elliptical design minimizes surface discontinuities, which increases the life of your rod string in RRL applications.
  • The rod maintains a minor diameter of less than 3/4 in., which prevents the rod from undergoing stresses exceeding its yield strength when coiled onto transport reels.

Product Description

Semi-elliptical COROD®continuous rod is a uniquely shaped rod product designed to optimize RRL applications. It is a superior alternative to conventional sucker rods. The semi-elliptical shape, formed to fit the curvature of the tubing string, results in less tubing contact pressure than with continuous round rods and conventional sucker rods.

Semi-elliptical COROD continuous rod is manufactured in seven sizes at 1/16-in. increments, allowing you to custom design your rod string to any length. A lower overall string weight and a balanced taper string design significantly reduce the load on the surface-pumping-unit gearbox and the horsepower requirements. As a result, a smaller pumping unit can reach greater pumping depths and achieve higher pumping rates than conventional sucker rods and round continuous rods can. Weatherford offers a full array of field servicing options for quick, efficient installation and well servicing needs.