Dual-Purpose Service Unit


Supports continuous and conventional sucker-rod service work, tubular handling applications, and light workover interventions


Light workover interventions

  • Pulling and running tubing
  • Changing progressing cavity pump (PCP) and reciprocating rod lift (RRL) pumps
  • Pulling overtorqued rods

COROD continuous rod and conventional sucker-rod interventions

  • Pulling and running rod strings
  • Fishing rod strings
  • Changing insert pumps (PCP and RRL)
  • Changing plungers (RRL)
  • Changing rotors (PCP)

Light well interventions

  • Changing wellhead valves
  • Changing driveheads or stuffing boxes
  • Changing polish rods
  • Spacing and respacing rod strings

Light well interventions equipped with optional pressure-pumping unit

  • Pressure testing wells
  • Killing wells
  • Flushing production wells

Features and Benefits

  • The freestanding mast operates independently of external guy lines, which expedites setup.
  • The built-in COROD gripper trips rod at a rate of up to 100 ft/min (30 m/min), which minimizes service time.
  • The ergonomic and practical design minimizes pinch points, reducing the risk of injury.

Tool Description

The dual-purpose service unit serves as the definitive one-stop solution for restoring disabled wells. The unit is compatible with vertical wellhead configurations for oil, gas, and coalbed methane (coal-seam gas) wells.

The freestanding mast enables quick, efficient mobilization on wellsites and features a COROD gripper capable of tripping rod up to 100 ft/min (30 m/min), supported by an advanced safety clamp on the secondary-wellhead rod. It enables the suspension of tubing and double sucker rods in the mast when equipped with a tubing board and/or a rod basket.

The unit is equipped with a full set of tubing and conventional sucker-rod handling tools. To extend its applications, the unit can be paired with auxiliary support equipment, such as a specialized pressure-pumping unit with a tank and a service truck with a crane and doghouse. Daytime and nighttime operation is supported.


  • Rod and/or tubing board
  • Pressure unit with tank and pump
  • Service truck with doghouse
  • Ram-type blowout preventer, 7 in.


72 ft (21.9 m)
Nominal maximum capacity, 4 part line*
120,000 lb (54,431 kg)

*Higher capacity available

Maximum static load
40,000 lb (18,144 kg)
Rod trip rate
100 ft/min (30 m/min)*Higher capacity available 


Drum size
14 × 37 in.
Wireline size
7/8 in.
Draw works speed (through engine transmission)
5 forward 1 reverse


Depth rating
8,000 ft (2,438 m)
7 in. ram-type blowout preventer rating
5,000 psi (34.5 mPa)
Well compatibility
Vertical and horizontal