Field Welder


The Weatherford field welder is a compact, truck-mounted welding system designed specifically for COROD® continuous rod. 

The fully mobile field welder brings welding solutions directly to wellsites, providing an efficient, time-saving service option for welding COROD continuous-rod strings. The welding system is mounted on a Class 8, on-road or off-road severe-duty truck capable of hauling up to 19,000 lb (8,618 kg) of continuous rod when paired with the Weatherford COROD transport trailer.

The field welder uses a proprietary system to generate the required compressive force for flash-butt welding pieces of COROD continuous rod to produce exceptionally strong, smoothly welded joints for all grades and sizes of COROD continuous rod. Exact operating procedures and nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment are used to achieve high-quality final welds that meet all required specifications.

To minimize potential for errors and injuries, the field welder is highly automated and incorporates multiple hydraulic-assist tools. Numerous mechanisms minimize lifting and handling by operators. The unit supports daytime and nighttime operation.


  • Assisting with installing COROD continuous-rod strings
  • Adjusting the length of COROD continuous-rod strings
  • Welding pin ends and fish pins
  • Performing miscellaneous service jobs
  • Delivering COROD continuous-rod strings (when equipped with the Weatherford COROD transport trailer)

Features and Benefits

  • The automated rod heating, aligning, welding, and quenching processes enhance product performance and consistency while also minimizing human intervention, reducing the need for rework, and improving rig safety.
  • Truck-mounted field welders are equipped to pull COROD transport trailers, which can haul up to 10,900 ft (3322 m) of COROD continuous rod; therefore, the same service unit can perform both welding and transportation, which eliminates the need for extra equipment units.
  • Weatherford field welders include NDT equipment to perform weld inspections for reliable quality control.


COROD continuous-rod nominal-OD handling 
3/4 to 1-5/32 in.
(19.1 to 29.4 mm)
Material metallurgy handling
1536, 4120, and 4320
Supported COROD continuous rod types