Forge Welders


Portable Forge Welders Oman

Every minute in the field counts. When oil and gas operations are already in progress, on-site maintenance and repairs help operators to stay on schedule.

Forge welding joins two pieces of metal together by heating them at a high temperature and then forging them together.

Weatherford portable forge welders bring welding solutions for continuous-rod strings directly to the wellsite.

These efficient and time-saving forge welders use four primary systems, including forge, air, electrical, and oxyacetylene systems. The forge welders use oxygen and acetylene to heat different pieces of COROD® continuous rod and a mechanical thread to force the heated pieces together. This welding process produces exceptionally strong, smoothly welded joints for all grades and sizes of COROD continuous rod.

Our portable forge welders exceed industry safety standards.

The welders use heating, aligning, and forging processes that minimize the potential for personnel injury. Rigorous operating procedures and nondestructive testing equipment result in high-quality and high-performance welds that meet all required specifications.

portable forge welders

Portable Forge Welder (PFW)

The PFW is a self-contained and modular welding unit that can be fitted to mount on a flatbed trailer or a truck deck. The compact PFW can also be used as a standalone unit when mounted on the Weatherford Mobile Gripper™ unit and Corig® E50 unit. The PFW can be installed in minutes at any desired spot on the lease, and it leaves no environmental footprint after the job is finished.

Trailer Universal Forge Welder (UFW)

The trailer UFW is a self-contained welding unit mounted on a single or tandem axle trailer. The unit is hauled using a light-duty truck and can be set up quickly once spotted on the lease.

Light-Duty Truck UFW 

The light-duty truck UFW is a self-propelled welding unit mounted on a rolling bed of a light-duty truck. The rolling bed enables the welding system to be mobilized quickly for efficient welding operations.

Heavy-Duty Truck-Mounted UFW

The heavy-duty truck-mounted UFW is a self-contained and self-propelled welding unit capable of hauling COROD continuous rod to the wellsite. When paired with the Weatherford COROD transport trailer, it is capable of hauling and delivering up to 19,000 lb (8,618 kg) of continuous rod.

Our forge welders enable you to weld COROD continuous-rod strings in the field without compromising on safety, consistency, or strength.