COROD Single Reel Transport Trailer


The Weatherford single reel transport trailer offers a safe and reliable solution for shipping continuous rod strings to the client’s wellsite.

The Weatherford COROD single reel transport trailer is a compact, fit-for-purpose tandem-axle transport trailer capable of moving the equivalent of 7,200 ft (2195 m) of 1-in. (25.4-mm) COROD continuous rod string per unit. The COROD transport trailer supports all sizes of COROD continuous rod. It is a reliable solution for shipping continuous rod strings from the Weatherford warehouse base to the client’s wellsite.

When operating with primary equipment, COROD continuous rod can be run from the single reel trailer directly into the well. An integral hydraulic system is also included for raising and lowering the transport reel.

All COROD single reel transport trailers are constructed with safety as the top priority. Rod-handling safety devices, such as the brake system used to control the hub speed, are incorporated in the unit’s design, and pinch points are minimized to reduce the potential for injury.


  • Transporting COROD continuous rod strings
  • Operating in conjunction with primary equipment to install and retrieve COROD continuous rod strings

Features and Benefits

  • The rotating hub allows COROD continuous rod to be removed from and installed onto the transport reel while on the transport trailer, providing greater convenience.
  • For added safety, the rod support and containment arms provide control and secondary containment of COROD continuous rod strings during operation.
  • The ergonomic and practical design minimizes pinch points, which reduces the risk of injury.