Gas-Lift Systems


Gas Lift systems red Mandrel

Choosing the right gas-lift equipment and configuration helps ensure maximum reservoir productivity and operational efficiency.

Whether you have a low-producing conventional well, high-producing shale well, or prolific deepwater well, consulting with a team of gas-lift experts can help you get the most from your assets.

Gas-Lift Systems

Field-proven performance in even the most extreme environments.

Weatherford UltraLift™ systems enhance production and improve completion integrity in ultrahigh-pressure deepwater extremes. Xtra-Lift™ packer systems increase production in long perforation intervals by extending the gas-injection point below the packer. SteamSaver® injection systems improve steam distribution and reduce equipment requirements in your steamflood applications. And in older wells that weren’t originally equipped with side-pocket gas-lift mandrels, Weatherford packoff systems are trusted worldwide to boost production and profitability without requiring the time and expense of tubing pulls.

Nobody surpasses our breadth of gas-lift technologies and expertise. 

Our leadership position in the industry is built not only on innovation, but also on a long history of delivering reliable gas-lift equipment, leading-edge technologies, and comprehensive service capabilities. Tested and proven in deepwater, ultrahigh-pressure, and highly corrosive environments, our DVX™ side-pocket mandrel features a solid-body design and a unique, external, dual-check-valve system that is barrier qualified to provide an extra layer of protection. Our fully integrated solution includes Weatherford KOT kickover tools, which are designed for quick, efficient, and trouble-free servicing of gas-lift valves. Our design and analysis software helps you select optimal valve types, port sizes, and depth settings. 

Automate injection and gas-lift flows. Monitor critical parameters in single or multiple wells. Weatherford controllers and software systems enhance performance with intelligence at the wellsite. 

Maximize performance with real-time data that enables automatic control of gas injection, based on your user-defined set points. Our solutions also include support for orifice- and turbine-meter gas measurements, a pressure-heading detection to determine well stability, and an intelligent alarm interface.

Our advanced software systems can improve production in every stage of reservoir life. These systems enable optimal gas-lift system design, provide individual-well and full-field modeling, and optimize gas allocation across all wells. 






Our life-of-well gas-lift solutions help you realize the true value of your gas-lift wells. We optimize the performance and profitability of your wells through comprehensive design, monitoring, and analysis.