Gas-Lift Systems


Gas Lift 3d model diagram

Choosing the right gas-lift equipment helps ensure maximum reservoir productivity and operational efficiency.

Whether you have a low-producing conventional well, high-producing shale well, or prolific deepwater well, Weatherford gas-lift experts can help you get the most from your assets.

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Our continuous and intermittent gas-lift systems are field-proven in onshore, shelf, deepwater, and extreme-environment wells.

We offer a complete family of gas-lift products, services, and experience to provide the optimum solution for your asset. In addition to surface equipment, we provide controllers, software, and full range of coiled-tubing gas-lift, waterflood, steamflood, and chemical-injection equipment.

Weatherford gas-lift experts work with you to create a gas-lift system that ensures proper installation, equipment compatibility, comprehensive analysis, and the most cost-effective match for maximum performance and optimum production.

Gas Lift equipment view

Our engineers continually advance valve technology, improve existing designs, develop hybrid-lift systems, and create new production tools.

The patented dual-valve, external side-pocket, gas-lift mandrel is field-proven in deepwater, high-pressure, and highly corrosive well environments. We also offer a suite of design and analysis software that helps you select valve types, port sizes, depth settings, and more.

We enhance well performance with intelligence at the wellsite. Our controllers handle injection and gas-lift flows, along with parameter monitoring in single or multiple wells.

This equipment allows you to access continuous real-time data and control continuous gas injection based on a controlled set point along with support for orifice-meter and turbine-meter gas measurements. Our solution also includes a well-stability profile (heading detection) and an alarm interface.

Our advanced software systems can improve production in every stage of reservoir life. These systems enable optimal gas-lift system design, provide individual-well and full-field modeling, and optimize gas allocation across all wells.



Our life-of-well gas-lift solutions help you realize the true value of your gas-lift wells. We optimize our systems through design, monitoring, and analysis.