Gas-Lift Valves


Although the principle of gas lift is fairly simple, varying well conditions require specialized equipment. Choosing the right valve design for the application is essential to achieve optimal flow performance.

Gas-lift valves improve operational efficiency by enhancing flow to maximize your production rate and reduce nonproductive time. We provide shearable orifice valves, Venturi orifice valves, injection-pressure-operated valves, and valves with enhanced bellows protection.

Gas Lift product image

Exceptional value and flexibility for all gas-lift applications.

In challenging and unpredictable conditions, your investment demands uncompromising performance and reliability, and Weatherford delivers. Our gas-lift valves are certified to the highest current industry standards.

Fit-for-purpose valves to suit your specific needs.

With a gas-lift legacy spanning more than 80 years of development, Weatherford brings you unsurpassed inventory, experience, and knowledge for all intermittent and continuous lift applications. 

Ultratough under pressure.

When it comes to maintaining completion integrity in harsh, ultrahigh-pressure conditions, we’ve got you covered. The unique, dual-bellows design of our Ultra-HP valve enables reliable operation with dome pressures up to 5,000 psi (345 bar) and differential-submergence pressures up to 10,000 psi (689 bar).

Trust Weatherford to provide the right valve for your specific well conditions. In addition to a wide range of field-proven valves, we can provide the guidance to help enhance efficiency and maximize the life of your equipment.