In the world’s most remote and challenging environments, you need the highest-quality components and the utmost expertise to minimize risk and maximize profitability.

Ultrahigh-pressure deepwater wells demand uncompromising completion integrity. This requires that every component of your gas-lift system performs to the highest standards.

UltraLift mandrel Close Up

UltraLift systems offer complete solutions that have passed extensive testing and deliver field-proven results in the harshest conditions.

We have a strong track record of developing and deploying vital deepwater gas-lift equipment and services that span the life cycle of high-profile offshore wells. When you work with Weatherford, you can be confident that your production systems are designed to operate at maximum safety, efficiency, and profitability.

A single-sourced deepwater solution with uncompromising completion integrity.

In remote, high-profile environments, getting it right the first time is critical—so equipment compatibility and careful oversight of your entire lift system are essential. That’s why Weatherford invests in the ongoing development of our premium portfolio of UltraLift products and solutions. This completely unitized offering delivers exceptional compatibility, unsurpassed performance capabilities, and unprecedented well integrity. This combination of Weatherford-exclusive advantages is unmatched in the industry.

UltraLift bellows

Our comprehensive suite of high-pressure of UltraLift flow-control devices includes several best-in-class innovations.

  • Revolutionary DVX side-pocket mandrels provide dual-barrier protection in challenging environments.
  • The Ultra-HP valve prevents bellows deformation under high differential pressures by means of a bellows-protection system based on aerospace technology.
  • Our entire suite of wireline-retrievable gas-lift valves has been flow-performance and erosion tested to deliver maximum production.
  • Weatherford KOT series kickover tools do not require pinning between wireline runs.

The highest safety and performance standards in the industry

In challenging deepwater wells where Safety, efficiency, and reliability are especially important, you can trust the Weatherford UltraLift™ gas-lift portfolio to deliver consistent, long-term performance with the highest level of completion integrity.

  • API 19G1 and 19G2 certifications for V1-rated gas-lift mandrels and valves
  • Check valves qualified per stringent TR2385 testing standards
  • Extensive application-based testing for all system components

UltraLift gas-lift systems provide a true second barrier to prevent wellbore fluids from entering the casing annulus, which protects the casing string from high pressures and corrosive well fluids.

UltraLift mandrel Valves