Hydraulic Piston-Pump Lifting Systems


Hydraulic Piston-Lift Systems

When the economics become as challenging as the reservoir conditions, hydraulic piston pumps are often the ideal solution to boost both production and profitability.

Effective at lifting from extreme depths, hydraulic piston-lift systems can operate to near-total well depletion at low bottomhole pressures.

A prime mover pressurizes the power fluid―stored crude oil or water―which is then distributed to one or more wellheads and directed downhole. This drives the positive-displacement pump-assembly engine and actuates the reciprocating-piston pump.

Hydraulic Piston Pump In field

Our hydraulic piston-lift systems are effective in wells with a maximum operating depth of 17,000 ft (5,182 m) or producing as much as 8,000 BFPD (1,272 m3/d fluid).

We offer a variety of subsurface and coiled-tubing pumps, and our surface packages are available in single- or dual-vessel designs.

Our artificial-lift portfolio includes the three original piston-pump companies—Guiberson™, Oilmaster™, and Kobe®.

We have continually updated these trusted brands with in-house engineering and manufacturing innovations that have resulted in a variety of piston-pump designs.

Hydraulic Piston Pump production of product

Hydraulic piston-pump systems can accommodate all well parameters, including large-volume wells with deviated wellbores.

Hydraulic piston pumps can accommodate either fixed-insert or free-pump installation, the latter of which uses the bottomhole assembly as external fluid-passage cavities. This enables the use of larger pump and engine pistons to create greater displacement.

Weatherford hydraulic piston-lift systems are cost effective. Several wells can be produced from one surface package, lowering the overall cost per well.

Also, the pumps can be hydraulically circulated to the surface using only the power fluid—which dramatically reduces well downtime and eliminates pulling-unit expenses.

Weatherford hydraulic piston pumps provide installation and operation flexibility that helps you maximize production and lifting economics.