Jet-Pump Lifting Systems


Hydraulic Jet Pump Systems

Under tough conditions, in remote locations, and when there’s little room for downtime, jet-lift systems work when nothing else will.

Hydraulic jet pumps are deployed in wells that are difficult to produce due to challenging well geometry, fluid composition, and reservoir conditions. Because of their shorter length, jet pumps can pass through and be set in tighter wellbore deviations compared to other pumps.

Jet Pump diagram

Weatherford jet pumps deliver proven performance in applications that cover a wide range of depths, volumes, and well conditions.

When used in frac-flowback applications, they deliver quick and cost-effective recovery of production-hindering fluids from the wellbore. Our jet pumps operate with no moving parts, which provides greater reliability and serviceability. The pumps are easily installed and retrieved without the need of a rig. 

Weatherford delivers an unmatched level of jet-lift experience and optimization.

Our artificial-lift portfolio includes the three original jet-pump companies—Guiberson™, Oilmaster™, and Kobe®—and over the years, we have continually updated these trusted brands with in-house engineering and manufacturing innovations.

Jet Pump computer readout

Using our proprietary Jet Pump Evaluation and Modeling Software (JEMS™ system), Weatherford experts can customize your jet pumps to optimize production.

This advanced software simulates anticipated downhole conditions and performance ranges for every possible scenario. It determines the precise nozzle and throat sizes to deliver a highly efficient, cost-effective jet-lift system, complete with simulated-performance charts.

Weatherford hydraulic jet-lift pumps give you the option of freestyle installation, which enables the pump to be circulated in and out of the well using only the power fluid.

This eliminates the need for a workover rig, which allows for easy chaning of pump nozzles and throats to optimize production according to current well conditions.

Weatherford hydraulic jet-pump systems minimize repair costs by delivering reliable, high-volume performance and long run life in extreme conditions. Jet pumps operate in situations where no other pump will work. 

Coiled-Tubing Hydraulic Jet Pumps Restore Field Profitability, Increase Production by 200%

Coiled-Tubing Hydraulic-Jet Pump Installation Eliminates Need for Thru-Tubing Services or Workover Rig

Coiled-Tubing Jet Pump Increases Gas Flow Rate by 500%, Improves Fracture Fluid Recovery by 15%

Coiled-Tubing Jet Pump Provides Reliable, Low-Cost Lift Solution for Dewatering Coal-Bed Methane Wells

Dual Concentric String Jet Pump Brings Highly Deviated Well on Production, Saves Rig Costs in United Kingdom

Field Production Optimization Using JEMS Software Increases Oil Production by up to 100 bbl/day per Well

Free-Style Coiled-Tubing Jet Pumps Stabilized Production, Reduced Downtime and Servicing Costs

Freestyle Jet Pumps Recover Frac Fluid Five Times Faster, Saving up to $200,000 per Well

Hydraulic Jet Pump Achieves Production Rate of 3,400 bopd When All Other Types of Lift Fail

Hydraulic Jet Pump Achieves Target Production Rate of 5,000 bopd within a Five-Day Test

Hydraulic Jet Pump Proves Successful in Deep Vertical Well, Achieves Expected Performance and Reliability for 15 Years

Hydraulic Jet Pump Saves Time and Money for Frac Fluid Recovery

Hydraulic Jet Pump System Enables Well to Produce 15,095 bbl (2,400 m3) of Water, Saves $10,000

Jet Pump Removes Water from CBM, Enables Free Flow of Gas to Surface

Jet Pumps Installed Free Style Answer Need for Producing Highly Deviated Wells at Rates of 800 to 50 Bbl/d

Jet-Lift/Gas-Lift Combo Saves Pulling Costs, Minimizes Production Downtime

Kobe® Jet Pump Installed on the Surface of the Well Reduces Wellhead Pressure, Increases CO2 Gas Production

Oilmaster Hydraulic Jet Pump Increases Well Production By ≤ 300%

Oilmaster™ Coiled-Tubing Jet Pump Enables Continuous Production in High-Solids Environment

Oilmaster™ Jet Pump Ran Continuously for 40 Years, Eliminating Well Interventions

Oilmaster™ Jet Pump System Restores Production, Saves $650,000 by Eliminating Need for a Workover

Pakistan: Oilmaster™ Coiled-Tubing Jet Pump Restores Well Productivity

Reliable, Cost-Saving Jet Pumps, Installed Freestyle, Remove Water for Free Flow of Gas to Surface

Reverse Circulation Jet Pump Lifts Prod. Rates of Heavy Oil to Profitable Levels

Reverse Circulation Jet Pumps Eliminate Wax Buildup, Increase Production by 71%

Reverse-Flow Wireline Jet Pump Saves Millions of Dollars in Facilities and Intervention Costs for Subsea Well

Subsurface Safety Valves, Located Below Wireline Jet Pumps, Maximize Production and SSSV Protection for Platform in Busy Shipping Lanes

Surface In-Line Jet Pump Reduces Flow-Line Backpressure by 45%, Restores Production to 750 bpd

Unidraulic® Lift System Yields 80% Payout on First Day