Plunger-Lift Systems


Plunger Lift Systems

Plunger-lift systems efficiently and cost-effectively deliquefy gas wells and produce oil wells with a high gas-to-liquid ratio.

A plunger-lift unit is a system of compatible components, including plungers, upper and lower bumper springs, lubricators, downhole accessories, surface controls, and analysis software. The plunger cycles between the upper bumper spring at the surface lubricator and the lower bumper spring in the bottom section of the production tubing string. This creates a solid interface between the lift-gas below and the produced fluid above.

Plunger Lift installed product

We provide comprehensive plunger-lift solutions for many applications, including unloading gas wells, increasing intermittent gas-lift efficiency, and removing paraffin in oil wells.

With excellent corrosion and gas-handling capabilities, our plunger-lift systems excel in production enhancement, especially in wells with high gas-to-liquid ratios.

Our worldwide team of experienced plunger-lift experts optimize the complete system rather than simply make modifications at the component level.

We offer complete plunger-lift solutions along with system automation and analysis. Our family of plunger-lift products combines with our technical- and field-support experts to ensure that each system is tailored to your well.

Plunger Lift wellpilot deliquification system

Weatherford plunger-lift systems feature our WellPilot® deliquification system (DLQ), which automates functions throughout the life of your wells including electronic flow measurement (EFM), injection-well processes, and custody-transfer quality measurements.

Engineered as a high-performance alternative to traditional plunger-lift systems, the Weatherford RapidFlo™ plunger-lift system minimizes production interruption.

Unlike plungers in traditional systems, our plunger falls through the production tubing faster to shorten the overall cycle time. This means quicker unloading and shorter wait times for increased production from your wells. The plunger can even fall while the well is flowing. This free-cycle ability means continuous enhanced flow rates through the entire plunger cycle.

From the bottom of the well to the surface, our extensive portfolio of Weatherford plunger-lift systems help you optimize production, increase operational efficiency, and maximize profitability.