Extends the longevity of your progressing cavity pumping (PCP) system by creating a robust and dependable seal between produced well fluids  and the environment 


  • Oil, water, and dewatering gas wells
  • Abrasive applications
  • Wellsites that require either electric or hydraulic systems

Features and Benefits 

  • The innovative seal design and robust bearing system reduce the risk of seal failure and the associated impact to the environment.
  • Redundant sealing enables continued performance in the event of damage to the main seal, thereby contributing to PCP system durability.
  • The maintenance-free design incorporates a unique, integral connection that provides a robust link between the stuffing box and drive head, minimizing the risk for costly repairs and reducing non-productive time.
  • To lower operating costs, all Weatherford stuffing boxes can be remanufactured to OEM specifications at a Weatherford service facility.

Tool Description 

Weatherford nonpressurized DuraSeal rotating stuffing boxes enhance the longevity of PCP systems at wellsites that use electric or hydraulic systems. Proprietary redundant seals and a robust bearing assembly provide a superior seal between the rotating shaft assembly and the environment, mitigating the risk of external production fluid leakage and associated environmental impact. For enhanced security against external leakage, a detection system indicates any early-stage seal failure. The indicator system often eliminates the need for expensive controls or external shutdown. 

A jaw-style connection and shear ring between the stuffing box and drive head provide a robust connection that prevents costly drive head repairs. Available in 1.25-in. and 1.50-in. polished rod sizes and various flanged wellhead connections, the nonpressurized DuraSeal stuffing box is compatible with Weatherford jaw-style PCP drive heads. 

To provide customers a high quality, cost-saving option, Weatherford offers remanufactured DuraSeal stuffing boxes in multiple sealing configurations. Remanufactured DuraSeal stuffing boxes contain all new internal components and are built to the original manufacturing tolerances. Compared to rebuilt stuffing boxes in which only malfunctioning components are replaced, our remanufactured stuffing boxes provide higher quality and performance to maximize run life. 


  • DuraSeal stuffing box model: DS305, DS405, and DS505
  • DuraSeal remanufactured stuffing boxes
  • Integral or conventional booth-mounted stuffing box
  • Various leak detection sensors