Reciprocating Rod Lift Systems


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Reciprocating rod lift (RRL) is the most cost-efficient production solution for a wide range of wells. 

We offer an integrated approach that extends the traditional performance capabilities of RRL systems. Our precision-engineered surface and subsurface equipment, combined with our experienced and highly trained technicians and analysis programs, are field proven all over the world. We manufacture the complete system, including electric- or gas-powered surface pumps, rod strings, positive-displacement pumps, controllers, and software. 

Reciprocating Rod Lift Systems Intelligent Rod Rotator

Our rod-lift systems offer complete optimization of your well from the pumping unit through wellsite automation and data analysis.

We can custom design rod-lift systems that deliver optimal run life and production. Our solutions integrate pumping units, rods, and pumps with intelligent rod-pump controllers, variable-speed drives, and integrated real-time and diagnostic software.

We offer completely integrated reciprocating rod-lift solutions. Our portfolio is backed by a global manufacturing base and includes a variety of pumping units, rods, subsurface pumps, industry-standard controllers, and software options―plus service, repair, and refurbishment of pumping units.

Reciprocating Rod Lift Systems WellPilot andworker

We optimize rod-lift operations from initial system design to real-time monitoring and control.

Once we identify the right pump size and configure a pumping system for your well, our WellPilot® rod-pump-optimization controller matches inflow and production, while our LOWIS™ life-of-well information software continually monitors and performs real-time analysis.

LOWIS software provides detailed analyses of real-time and historical well information. Using this comprehensive data, you can monitor real-time well performance, fine-tune pump operation, predict and react to pending problems, manage well work processes, and create better pumping designs.

Our reliable rod-lift systems give you the flexibility to reuse components in different well applications.

Because we offer virtually every rod-lift component, our complete range of API and specialty rod pumps can be matched to specific well conditions including sandy, gaseous, and high-viscosity applications.

Our family of reciprocating rod-lift products and experienced technical and field support ensures rod-lift system value and operational efficiency.