Flow Measurement


Flow Measurement pipes in field

While periodic well tests can take months to identify production problems and trends such as mechanical failures, water breakthrough, and casing damage, real-time flow measurement provides more time for corrective action.

Flow measurement is a vital part of production optimization. Water-cut and multiphase flowmeters provide continuous, consistent, and reliable well-rate data and water-cut measurements compared to conventional flow measurement devices and test separators. 

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Weatherford offers a comprehensive range of flow measurement products for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Our portfolio includes water-cut meters, multiphase meters, and custom metering solutions for topside, wellhead, subsea, and downhole environments. These flow measurement products seamlessly integrate with our production optimization software, artificial lift tools, and real-time monitoring equipment. Our flow-measurement team can assist you with evaluating and designing a customized solution for your assets.

Weatherford measurement products provide accuracy in a wide variety of flow regimes without recalibration.

Our water-cut meters are accurate for 0 to 99 percent water cut.

Flow Measurement Working on pipes

Weatherford Red Eye® technology uses near-infrared absorption spectroscopy to differentiate between oil and water.

The water-cut meter simultaneously measures multiple wavelengths such as water and oil absorption peaks to provide accuracy in both high and low water-cut applications.

Our measurement solutions provide real-time data and replace larger and more cumbersome systems with streamlined units that offer a slimmer footprint and, often, a more-attractive CAPEX and OPEX.

Flow Measurement Absorption Graph