Multiphase Flow Measurement


Multiphase Flow Meter equpment front view

It’s vital to accurately track oil, water, and gas flow rates in every step of production. Using traditional test separators limits the frequency of flow-rate information.

Multiphase flow measurement tools and services analyze the individual phase flow rates throughout the life of the well without separating production into individual oil, water, and gas phases.

Multiphase Flow Meter equipment view

Our multiphase flow measurement products provide accurate and continuous individual- or group-well flow rate measurement for all oil, water, and gas phases.

Our meters eliminate the need for bulky test separators and provide accurate, real-time flow-rate measurements that can help you optimize production and assist in production allocation.

Weatherford offers technologically advanced and reliable sensors.

Our suite of multiphase flow measurement products include the Alpha V/SR—a non-nuclear wet-gas meter that provides best-in-class performance. We also offer the Alpha VSRD, which is a multiphase meter and a wet-gas meter in one. We are the only company to deliver sonar-based bulk-velocity measurements as part of our multiphase meters, which provides another layer of precision readings.

Multiphase Flow Meter full view

The Alpha VSRD multiphase flowmeter is a robust, full-range multiphase flowmeter for the measurement of gas, oil/condensate, and water rates.

The flowmeter is based on an extended-throat Venturi meter, a sonar flowmeter, a Red Eye® MP water-cut meter, and a gamma densitometer. This combination of technologies has a wide operating envelope and offers maximum accuracy in wet-gas and liquid-dominant multiphase streams.

The Weatherford Alpha VS/R meter fits many flow regimes without the need for a nuclear component.

Whether for individual or multiple-well flow-rate measurements, Weatherford multiphase products maintain efficient flow and cost-effective operations for every phase of well production.

Multiphase Flow Meter computer readout