Water-Cut Meters


Water-Cut Meters Red Eye multiphase

Water-cut meters provide immediate awareness of changes in the well and the reservoir, such as water onset.

These meters measure the amount of produced water moving through your flow line in real time rather than waiting on well-test results, which can take up to six months.

Water-Cut Meters using Red Eye

The Weatherford Red Eye® family of meters provides accurate water-cut measurements in a wide range of flow conditions.

Red Eye meters ignore changes in salinity, provide accurate measurements from 0 to 100 percent water-cut levels, can handle up to 99.5 percent gas-volume fraction (GVF), and are available in surface and subsea models.

Our water-cut technologies solve many of the issues that affect measurement accuracy in a variety of different flow regimes.

The Red Eye 2G water-cut meter was the first device to work with varying salinity levels, a wide-range of water-cut levels, and entrained gas. Weatherford is the only company with a water-cut meter that can be installed on a three-phase line.

Water Cut Meters meter

The Weatherford water-cut meter portfolio includes the Red Eye MP water-cut meter. This tool is a part of our Alpha VSR and Alpha VSRD meters, which provide accurate water-cut measurements for multiphase lines.

Our tool measures relative water and oil concentrations in streams with up to 99.5 percent GVF, which enables its use as a water-onset detector.

Our calibrations are robust and need not be repeated for modest density changes in the phases.

The Red Eye meters include the RedLine™ configuration software, which allows the user to perform one-button fluid calibrations and check system diagnostics. You simply need a 50-ml sample of dry oil at atmospheric conditions. 

Weatherford water-cut meters provide cost-efficient water-liquid ratio calculations. They distinguish between gas, water, methanol, and condensate suspended in gas, liquid hydrocarbon, and aqueous phases.

Water-Cut Meters red eye installed