Production and Reservoir Monitoring


Production and Reservior Monitoring Underground View

Releasing the true potential of your assets requires a systematic approach that combines field-proven equipment with innovative field-management and data-access solutions. 

Production and reservoir monitoring solutions tell your well’s story like nothing else. In skilled hands and with precision tools, changes in pressure, temperature, flow, acoustics, and seismicity paint a precise picture. Production and reservoir monitoring provide the right solution whether you need a single-point pressure/temperature (P/T) instrument to accentuate pump-off control or the ability to accurately measure temperature, pressure, and flow in a HPHT multizone well with optical sensing.

Production and Reservior Monitoring Pipes

The Weatherford OmniWell® solution offers a complete range of production and reservoir monitoring solutions from simple, single-gauge installations to complex, multizone, intelligent wells.

The OmniWell solution is a unified family of pressure, thermal, flow, acoustic, and seismic products. These innovative tools give you an accurate view into your well by providing data acquisition, information management, and analysis for any type of well. Based on a single-cable approach to downhole measurement, our system physically integrates multiple measurement sources and visualizes well-performance data in real time, which provides information that helps accelerate production, reduce operational risk, and maximize reservoir recovery.

We provide customized and scalable monitoring solutions for any production application. 

OmniWell includes electronic silicon-on-insulator (SOI) gauges, optical sensors, and quartz gauges as well as pressure, thermal, flow, and seismic solutions. With several options to fit any production environment, we ensure that you get the right solution for your wells. These systems are built with best-in-class components to provide years of continuous service along with reliability and accuracy demanded by extreme environments. 

Production and Reservior Monitoring Technology Spotlight

Nonintrusive flow-metering is critical for complex well designs such as intelligent, multizone, and multilateral completions. Unlike conventional flowmeters, the Rheos™ optical flowmeter has no borehole restrictions or intrusions into the flow path, such as a Venturi throat, probe, or spinner.

The all-optical flowmeter has no active transducers, no electronic or chemical sensors, and no nuclear sources. The passive sonar device is bidirectional, scalable to any pipe size, and features a control-line bypass for use in intelligent-well systems. This flowmeter can be configured for single-, two- or three-phase flow and is effective in both production and injection wells.

The multi-component Clarion™ seismic sensor system enables production optimization and enhanced reservoir management by providing high-resolution, on-demand reservoir imaging and passive monitoring.

This permanent, life-of-well system was designed for hostile wellbore environments and can be installed on producer, injector, or dedicated monitor wells. The sensors decrease uncertainty by providing consistent, unchanging reference points in the subsurface that eliminate repeatability errors. Active, on-demand, time-lapse, and borehole-seismic imaging can be obtained while the well is producing or injecting. Permanent microseismic monitoring can track injection or production-induced stress, identify changes in the reservoir, locate bypassed reserves, and monitor cap-rock integrity in gas storage applications.

OmniWell production and reservoir monitoring solutions help you make more informed decisions through data acquisition, information management, and analysis for any type of well. The system can lead to lower operating costs by reducing deferred production, reducing failures and workovers on live wells, and optimizing well production.

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