MP-Series Pumps


The MP-series mud pumps offer a great combination of performance and value for conventional drilling applications with downhole pressures of up to 5,000 psi.

Fast availability and easy access to expendables and service parts make the MP Series a great choice for land drilling applications worldwide.

Weatherford offers a full line of premium-quality mud pumps based on proven and simple-to-maintain designs that are accepted around the world. Each pump comes with exceptional service and support that only a true global provider like Weatherford can promise. When you factor in our competitive pricing and off-the-shelf availability of pumps and parts, it’s clear that Weatherford has raised the bar for mud pumps.

Built tough for lasting value

Built on a strong foundation: The steel-plate power frame
Power frames built from high-strength steel plates are strong yet lightweight. They’re free of shrinkage, porosity and other defects often associated with castings. The frames are heat-treated after casting to remove residual stress and prevent distortion after final machining.

Cranking out massive power: Single-piece, high-alloy crankshaft
Our eccentric-style crankshaft, machined from a single-piece, high-alloy steel casting, is mounted to the power frame with double-row, self-aligning radial spherical roller bearings on each end for maximum service life. The forged-steel main gear, featuring a double-helical profile, is mounted securely to the crankshaft, using bolts with locking nuts.

Capacity for heavy workloads: The eccentric with cylindrical roller bearings
Manufactured from a steel casting, the eccentric uses cylindrical roller bearings on one end and double-row needle bearings on the other to provide extremely high load-carrying capacity that is quiet, efficient and durable.

Durability and corrosion resistance: Chrome-lined liners
Standard liners on all MP pumps are bi-metal style, with an extremely hard, durable, corrosion-resistant chrome-iron surface. Ceramic liners are also an available option.

Building strong bodies: Crosshead machined from iron casting
Crosshead bodies are machined from a nodular ductile iron casting, having excellent strength and self-lubricating properties to minimize friction and wear. The crosshead is mounted on replaceable guide shoes for easy maintenance.

Fighting corrosion and erosion: Nickel-plated fluid end modules
Three interchangeable fluid end modules are machined from an AISI 8630 steel forging and can be nickel plated on request.

Interchangeability: Versatile valve assemblies
Suction and discharge valve assemblies are interchangeable and manufactured to accept industry-standard API replacement valves and pulling tools.

  • MP5 uses API-5 valves
  • MP8 and MP10 use API-6 valves
  • MP13 and MP16 use API-7 valves

Two-way street: Double-input pinion shaft extensions
With their user-friendly double-input shaft extensions, our pumps can be driven from either side. Shaft is made of high-alloy steel forging for high durability.

The well-oiled machine: Lubrication
MP pumps feature a splash- and forced-lubrication system for the power end. Oil is distributed from the sump through an internally mounted oil pump and then to all moving parts. An optional external lube system, with AC motor drive and canister filtration is available on request.

Built-in extra value features

Weatherford offers a wide array of popular accessories for the MP-series mud pumps including:

  • Discharge pulsation dampener
  • Complete liner wash systems
  • Strainer assembly
  • Relief valve
  • Mud pressure gauge