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Demanding drilling environments require cementing products that are engineered to provide high reliability and increase well life.

Cementing equipment selection is critical to achieving a quality primary cement job. The right selection can help the casing string to reach total depth, minimize formation damage and mud losses, provide optimal standoff, prevent channeling, and improve cement placement.

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As operations move into deeper waters and unconventional reservoirs with extended-reach laterals and higher pressures and temperatures, Weatherford has high-quality cementing equipment and broad knowledge to meet nearly any well design or challenge.

Our experienced and responsive cementing engineers can analyze your well and help you design an optimal cementing system capable of handling an environment with ever-changing stresses.

Weatherford combines a portfolio of innovative cementing products with insightful experience.

We offer one of the largest and most complete lines of cementing products, including centralizers, float equipment, and our exclusive surge- and friction-reduction tools. These products are designed to deliver excellent value and superior reliability for assured cement integrity.

Whether you need centralizers and float equipment or the help of our proprietary surge-reduction or friction-reduction tools, we have the engineered technology to deliver the value you expect with the results you demand.

For example, our SurgeMaster® II tool helps reduce surge pressure on a formation and increase running speeds of a casing or liner by directing mud into the annulus. As a result, you save significant rig time and money.

There is more to cementing a well than just cement. From conventional to deepwater drilling, Weatherford offers you more engineering experience and more reliable technology to deliver a primary cementing system that mitigates risk for the life of your well.