Cementing Wiper Plugs and Darts


Cementing wiper plugs and darts

Intermixing fluids during cement placement reduces cement integrity. Unwanted fluids can contaminate the slurry and result in wet shoes, longer wait-on-cement (WOC) times, and uncemented areas in the annulus.

Cementing wiper plugs and darts are essential to a successful cement job. They provide mechanical separation of cementing fluids, which eliminates fluid contamination and intermixing in the drillpipe or casing during pumping. 


Our cementing plug and dart technologies remove previous fluids with efficient fins that cleanly wipe the inside diameter (ID) of the casing or drillpipe.

Our darts provide a reliable surface indication of downhole cementing events, including the pressure increase that occurs when the top plug bumps on the float equipment to signal that displacement is complete. We manufacture a comprehensive line of standard and customized cementing plugs and darts for any application:

  • Casing wiper plugs separate fluids during cement curing in surface casing strings.
  • Wiper darts separate fluids in the drillpipe or tubing string for inner string cementing.
  • Stage-cementing wiper-plug sets separate fluids in the casing or liner ID and open or close the stage tool.
  • Multiple latch-in high-pressure rupture plugs are run when cementing production or completion strings and in wet shoe applications.
  • Subsurface release (SSR) plug system separates fluids in the drillpipe and liner or in the casing string in subsea casing- or liner-hanger systems. 

We manufacture efficient and reliable plug and dart systems using a proprietary, wear-resistant elastomer and an engineered fin geometry that enhances wiping efficacy.

Available in a wide range of standard configurations, customized plug and dart systems are available for high-temperature applications, and our plugs are available with a proprietary Wiperlok® nonrotating nose that locks into the float equipment and prevents spinning during drill out. And for ease of use, our top and bottom plugs are color coordinated to facilitate a proper load and release sequence.

The subsurface release (SSR) plug system prevents pressure buildup that could prematurely launch the plugs.

The technology includes an integral pressure equalizer. If the pressure on top of the plugs is greater than the pressure inside the equalizer, an internal piston will automatically open to equalize the pressure and prevent an unwanted launch. The equalizer also contains a swivel that enables rotating the liner-hanger running string without rotating the plugs inside the liner. 

Weatherford cement wiper plugs and darts provide excellent mechanical separation of fluids in the drillstring or casing, which reduces cement contamination and improves cement integrity.