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A secure cement job is the backbone of well integrity. Centralizers keep casing centered in the wellbore while cement is pumped between the casing and the well walls.

Improper casing centralization can result in a poor-quality cement job that threatens well integrity. Off-center casing makes it difficult or impossible for cement to adequately fill annular spaces and create a barrier that protects the casing, prevents water flow, and isolates the producing formation. The right selection and placement of centralizers can improve casing standoff, which enables the slurry to rise uniformly into the annular area for high-quality cementing.

Variform Centralizers

We engineer every one of our centralizers to deliver value and reliability for long-term wellbore integrity.

Our Weatherford centralizer experience spans 75 years and millions of tools. We have designed and manufactured superior products for primary cementing operations in many of the world's toughest operational environments.

Our VariForm® centralizer is built for durability.

Our fully automated manufacturing process delivers a centralizer that achieves a balance between starting and running forces. The single-piece design is fully customizable. We can change the shape of the centralizer to achieve any performance need, including any rebalance of starting, running, and restoring forces.

Cementing Products Mechanical Cementing Products

Weatherford offers one of the most extensive and advanced centralizer portfolios on the market.

We have a wide-ranging selection—including welded, nonwelded, and roller centralizers—that enables us to create solutions for proper casing standoff and centralization in any scenario. Our ongoing commitment to continual improvement results in centralizers that meet or exceed performance requirements.

Well integrity begins with the cementing process. To help achieve a high-quality cement job, Weatherford provides centralizers that center casing for proper cement placement. Our portfolio offers various options that enable you to choose the right product for optimal standoff and centralization.

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