Close-Tolerance Centralizer


The Weatherford close-tolerance centralizer is used in applications with small annular clearances, but not so tight that they require a centralizer sub. 

The centralizer offers minimal frictional drag during running and the best possible casing centralization during cementing operations. The centralizer uses a unique bow configuration and lap welded collars with short setscrew attachments to provide its low-profile capabilities.  


  • Running casing in close annular-clearance applications that do not require a centralizer sub
  • Running liners in close-tolerance cased-hole applications

Features, Advantages, and Benefits

  • Bows welded to the end collar make it reliable, durable, and low profile, so the centralizer is uniquely suited for close-tolerance applications. For extremely tight applications, centralizer subs are required.
  • The centralizer is available in several bow and end-band configurations to meet varied application requirements.
  • Short setscrews allow for the lowest-profile end collars, while still enabling the centralizer to pass through the wellbore with minimal resistance.
  • Slip-on configurations used with low-profile stop collars enable rotating the centralizer.
  • Latch-on configurations have end collars with an integral hinge that folds to the inside. This design protects against damage and provides minimum end-collar height.
  • All common sizes have been tested and validated to American Petroleum Institute (API) 10D requirements.
  • Turbolizer configurations are available to increase fluid turbulence and reduce channeling, therefore improving primary cementing integrity.