Composite Centralizer


Maintains integrity when centralizing casing in extreme wellbore conditions


  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Extended-reach wells and wells with high dogleg severity
  • Wells with temperatures up to 350°F (177°C)

Features and Benefits

  • The one-piece composite construction can withstand high-impact loading and resist wear in high temperatures.
  • The passive blade configuration capitalizes on the sled effect to minimize drag forces while running pipe. The blades glide smoothly on the low side of the wellbore and freely over obstructions.
  • The hydrodynamic shape of the blades enables optimal displacement during primary cementing, which minimizes pressure drop and increases local turbulences across the centralizer.
  • The composite is ultrahard and extremely durable, which enables the centralizer to maintain integrity in extreme wellbore temperatures.
  • The lightweight construction allows for easier and safer handling when making up casing.

Tool Description

The Weatherford composite centralizer is used during running and cementing operations to centralize casing. Made of advanced composite, the one-piece centralizer has a low coefficient of friction, is heat resistant, and is highly durable. The composite material performs reliably even in extreme wellbore conditions. Unlike many plastic centralizers, this centralizer withstands high-impact loading and is highly wear resistant.

The composite centralizer has a smooth, tapered construction to easily pass obstructions in the wellbore, which makes it well suited for horizontal applications. The centralizer enables casing strings to reach total depth efficiently, provides optimal standoff for mud displacement, and greatly enhances cementing operations.