Drillpipe Centralizer


For Stab-In or Screw-In Cementing Operations

Weatherford’s latch-on drillpipe centralizers, when properly placed, are designed to optimize inner-string cementing operations by centralizing drillpipe, even in horizontal applications. Providing excellent downhole durability and performance, the specially designed centralizers feature  heat-treated, spring-steel bow springs that are lap-welded to rigid  end collars.

The centralizers provide the necessary standoff and centralization to ensure that the specialty inner-string stinger is centered in the casing and properly aligned with the corresponding float equipment. The rigid end collars provide solid support for the end bands and latch on to the drillpipe for  easy installation.

The centralizer is available in a variety of sizes for use with 3 1/2- to  6 5/8-in. drillpipe and available with oversized bows to accommodate a variety of casing sizes. The centralizer is recommended for use with Weatherford’s friction-lock stop collar Model JH5 or the set-screw stop collar Model J10S to prevent axial movement and drillpipe scarring.


  • Stab-in or screw-in inner string cementing operations

Features, Advantages and Benefits

  • The centralizer, when properly placed, provides centralization of drillpipe, ensuring successful inner-string cementing operations.
  • End collars are manufactured with a unique ribbed design, providing rigidity to the bands and protection for the bow springs.
  • The high-quality, spring-steel bows are heat-treated, enabling the bows to return to their original shape after passing restrictions, further contributing to optimum centralization.
  • Latch-on end collars feature an integral hinge that folds to the inside, adding strength and eliminating interference during run-in.


  • To ensure a proper seal between the inner-string stinger and the float equipment, be sure to apply a downward force of 20,000 to 30,000 lb  (9071 to 13 607 kg).