Nonweld Bow-Spring Centralizer


Weatherford’s nonweld bow-spring centralizers are designed to centralize casing or tubing in the wellbore during running and cementing operations. 

With over 50 years of field experience and laboratory testing, the nonweld spring-bow centralizer features high-quality, spring-steel bows that are attached to integrated, hinged end collars with locking tabs. The hinged design enables the end collars to be latched onto casing over a stop collar, if desired, for easy installation. The centralizer should be fitted over a stop collar to ensure the tool is pulled in and out of the wellbore. The nonweld design provides reliable downhole performance in cased-hole or openhole applications. The bows provide maximum standoff to achieve the most efficient displacement of mud and cement.

Nonweld bow-spring centralizers are available in several bow heights and sizes, assuring optimum restoring force and providing a variety of bow configurations for special applications. During the planning phase, Weatherford’s CentraPro Plus® software is recommended to ensure optimum centralizer quantity and placement with minimized friction forces. 


  • Tubing or casing applications
  • Vertical and deviated wells
  • Wells where rotation capabilities are not required
  • Can be run inside casing or in openhole

Features, Advantages and Benefits

High-performance bows provide maximum standoff in multiple locations of the annulus, providing the best possible conditions for primary cement to achieve zonal isolation, reducing remedial cementing operations and costs.

All common centralizer sizes have been tested and validated to meet American Petroleum Institute (API) 10D requirements, providing reliability and durability during operations.

Nonwelded design can withstand most wellbore environments, providing operational flexibility.

Locking tabs secure the high-quality, spring-steel bows to the hinged collars, bearing the load force of the centralizer for a reliable downhole performance.

Bow configurations are available in various heights and sizes suitable for most applications, ensuring operational flexibility.

Bows and hinged collars are stocked at most locations, enabling the centralizers to be assembled to specifications quickly.